MPM Group Young Talent Program, also commonly known as Management Trainee (MT) Program, is company's initiative to to prepare future leadership of the company. These young talent are high-potential, highly-motivated fresh graduates from top universities in the country - and abroad - who go through rigorous development journey in the program. The development path itself consists of in-class sessions, mentoring program and significantly on-the-job tasks and projects, which will enable them to progress their expertise and career expediently.

At the end of the program, the trainees will then be assigned at subsidiaries based on business needes and trainees' aspiration. Moving forward, they are expected to be the backbone of company's management team in the future, basing off their relationship of the rigorous journey that they've traveled together and collectively progressing each subsidiary, and all group, towards excellence.

Phase 1: In-Class Training
Trainees are exposed to knowledge of the company and business and equipped with necessary professional skills through various in-class training programs.
Phase 2: Rotation
In the first year, each trainee will be rotated in projects at three different subsidiaries, challenging them to tackle different tasks and assignments and interact with different people along the journey. As the most important part of the journey, these rotations are intended to shape them to become a well-rounded, highly.
Phase 3: Advancement
After a year of rotations, the trainees will graduate from the program, be promoted at a higher level and be placed at a subsidiary of their (and the company’s) aspiration.

Who Are We Looking For?

We looking candidates with these criteria:

Fresh graduates from any majors or have been worked with 1-2 years experience
Have a minimum GPA of 3.00 (S1) or 3.50 (S2)
Fluent in English both convertational and written
Have a minimum GPA of 3.00 (S1) or 3.50 (S2)
Fluent in English both convertational and written

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