Since its establishment, the Company has regarded the practice of corporate social responsibility as the ‘bridge’ to create a harmonious relationship between the Company and surrounding communities. The Company believes that equality between the society and the Company is a highly important matter. Hence, the Company is committed to continuously contributing positively, not only for the Company’s internal elements, but also for the society, environment, as well as all stakeholders.

The Company’s corporate social responsibility activities are carried out by referring to the “Company Law” and Government Regulation No.47 of 2012 regarding Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limited Liability Companies.

Our approach to supporting community needs encompasses four pillars: Education, Economic Empowerment, Health, Safety, Environment Friendly, and Philanthropy. In its implementation, the CSR activities of the Company are under the supervision of the Company’s GCG Committee, to ensure that all CSR programs are conducted in an accountable and transparent manner and in line with the Company’s vision and mission.

CSR funding is calculated as cost and budgeted in the Company's work plan and budget. The calculation and budgeting as intended, is carried out with due regard to propriety and fairness determined through the Company's decision making mechanism.


The company fully realizes that the enhancement of quality of life is inseparable linked with the improvement of education. Education is the basis of empowerment-not only for individual but the society and economy at large. Therefore, the Company is highly committed to always supporting the advance of education in Indonesia, among others, through various programs and activities:

  • Since 2013 MPM has provided scholarships for outstanding underprivileged students at vocational high school (SMK) level, concentrating on the automotive sector.
  • Entrepreneurship training is one of the Company’s CSR program to support SDG goals that cover sustainable economy, productive employment, as well as proper employment for everyone. The main activities of this program are to transform the student’s mindset to become winning individuals that are capable of maximizing all of their potentials and to motivate them to become an entrepreneur to create the opportunity for themselves.
  • Motivation Class, provides knowledge to increase confidence, enthusiasm for community in Occupational Training Center (BLK & PPKD).

Four focus is on economic empowerment by enhancing knowledge and skills in communities that surround our operations. Favorable local economic growth will in turn sustain a positive environment to foster future business growth and further livelihood creation.

  • Life Skill Training Centre (LSTC)

The Company believes that the community’s economic and social welfare will improve the community’s competitiveness, both locally and nationally. This includes the areas of human resources. This competitive advantage will contribute to the establishment of conditions conducive to investment. Life Skill Training Centre acts as a catalyst for the community development process to improve the skill of the communities which leads to improving the welfare of the communities. Various programs such as a 30-day program that provides technical automotive training (two-wheel & four-wheel) and other valuable skills were held to equip participants and to sustain communities' livelihoods while creating extra capacity that MPM and its ecosystem can tap.

  • Financial Literacy Education

In order to actively support government program to improve financial planning literacy and to introduce financial products and services, MPMFinance and MPMInsurance regularly conduct several activities of financial literacy education to various communities.

While corporate sustainability recognizes that corporate growth & profitability are important, it also requires the corporation to pursue societal goals. Programs in this pillar are aimed at raising people’s awareness of their environment, as well as the importance of hygiene, safety and preservation. The Company conducts a range of activities related to contribute in developing culture, healthcare, and the environment including:

  • Posyandu Revitalization

The aim of this program is to empower the community and improve the nutritional status and health of mothers and children. The activity focused on improving the operation of the Posyandu as well as strengthening the capacity of its cadres and management.

  • Safety Riding Education

MPMulia regularly held safety riding education to increase awareness of safe driving.

Various programs and activities were implemented to promote environmental management such as Waste Bank program in Bogor, to educate the communities on how to sorting out the waste and how they can monetize the waste in Waste Bank. Planting tree movements in Manjul City Forest and DAS Citarum Karawang, to rehabilitate the deforested urban forest due to the large number of human activities, as well as to control flooding from upstream.

The Company’s concern for community welfare is manifested by providing aid donations for social and humanitarian needs.