Social Responsibility

Since its establishment, the Company has regarded the practice of corporate social responsibility as the ‘bridge’ to create a harmonious relationship between the Company and surrounding communities. The Company believes that equality between society and the Company is a highly important matter. Hence, the Company is committed to continuing to contribute positively, not only to the Company’s internal elements but also to society, the environment, as well as all stakeholders.

The Company’s corporate social responsibility activities are carried out by referring to the “Company Law” and Government Regulation No.47 of 2012 regarding Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility of Limited Liability Companies.

Our approach to supporting community needs encompasses four pillars: Education, Economic Empowerment, Health, Safety, Environment Friendly, and Philanthropy. In its implementation, the CSR activities of the Company are under the supervision of the Company’s GCG Committee, to ensure that all CSR programs are conducted in an accountable and transparent manner and in line with the Company’s vision and mission.

CSR funding is calculated as cost and budgeted in the Company's work plan and budget. The calculation and budgeting as intended are carried out with due regard to propriety and fairness determined through the Company’s decision-making mechanism.